Champions League final first half analysis

Although the first half ended without a goal scored for Real Madrid or Liverpool, it was not without action. Liverpool were clearly the dominant side, with 10 shots (5 on target) as compared to Real Madrid’s 1 (on target). However, Liverpool fans and players were left shocked when Real scored in the 42nd minute, only for it to be ruled offside following a lengthy VAR check.

The possession was rather evenly shared, with Liverpool having slightly more (52%). 9 fouls have already been committed, 5 by Liverpool and 4 by Real. There has been a lot of pressure on Real’s midfield, resulting in Benzema running back and forth across the pitch, trying his best to support the midfield. Real Madrid’s defence has been exceptional, and the goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois, has been amazing, preventing Liverpool from scoring even 1 of their 5 shots on target.

Will Liverpool continue their dominant performance in the second half or will this close chance for Real Madrid give them the momentum in the second half? Either way, it is sure to be an extremely tough match.