Our Project in Pakistan

‘The Football Recap’ has decided to take on a project in Pakistan. We founded a community organization called ‘Inclusion In Football.’

‘Inclusion in Football’ is a community organization run by the Football Recap, managed by Ayaan Aziz Zuberi. Our goal is to build bridges through football/soccer and to promote inclusion and diversity in the sport

We organized our first event in Karachi on the 16th of October, 2023. We had a team from Lyari participate in a tournament against three big local academies, Karachi United, Karachi City and Kareem Kerai Academy.

Liyari is an area in Karachi, Pakistan, that is often called ‘Mini Brazil.’ This is due to the sheer amount of talent its people possess when it comes to playing football. However, many of its residents, particularly children and teenagers, lack the resources and opportunities to pursue their passion of playing football at a higher level.

We wanted to try and help the young footballers of Lyari by giving them the opportunity to perform on a large scale, so we organized this tournament in an attempt to get Kashif Academy and its players some media coverage on news channels, online news websites and print.

We plan to continue with events such as this one to help promote inclusion in the sport we love.

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