LaLiga is More Competitive than the Premier League?

Most football fans believe that the Premier League is the most competitive league in the world. Although it has been so for a while now, it seems LaLiga is gradually becoming more competitive like it used to be when Messi and Ronaldo both played in Spain.

However, people often argue that the Premier League has more top tier teams, and while that may be true, not all of them can compete for the title. Manchester City has won 4 out of the last 5 Premier League titles, and although Liverpool won once and often come very close to City, no other team seems to be able to compete for the title. However, in the past 4 years, LaLiga has had 3 separate champions: Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.

Moreover, arguably the 2 best strikers of last season, Karim Benzema and Robert Lewandowski, both play for rival teams in the league. Meanwhile, in the Premier League, Manchester City have signed Erling Haaland, who has had a start to the season the likes of which are rarely ever seen. And although Liverpool signed Darwin Núñez, who many fans thought would be part of a great rivalry with Haaland, his season so far has not been nearly as good as Haaland’s.